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Student of Intention
You are precious

You are precious

Life's abundance, our contributions, and strength through Self-care

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Today’s intention is:

To persist.

Your journey presents many challenges but you are connected to infinite solutions. Remain patient and keep going.

A cruise to connection

We shove off the Bay Club dock at 4:35 PM. The warm afternoon air feels perfect as we putter out to sea. The boat’s plush carpet tickles my bare feet as my back reclines against the leather upholstery. I spread my arms across the fiberglass railings then steal a massive breath of crispy, Pacific air. Ben and Joe also get comfy while John drives our electric vessel through Newport Harbor.

Joe organized this inaugural voyage a couple weeks prior. He titled it, Zen Duffy Boat Cruise, as a nod to the low-speed, electric boats famous in Newport and the group’s commitment to mindfulness. When the invite surfaced in my inbox, I felt a wave of gratitude. It seemed like a wonderful opportunity to connect with new friends and enjoy our big, blue backyard.

As we glide through the water, we share stories, ideas, and experiences. Joe mentions a meditation he’s been practicing alongside his wife then asks if we’d like to hear it. After we all agree we would, he leads us through breathing exercises, observations, and visualizations. The meditation lasts only a few minutes but leaves remarkable impressions. We conclude our conscious cruise after a two-hour loop to Corona Del Mar and back.

Realize life’s abundance

Driving home from the event, I roll down the Jeep’s windows, turn up some Donna Summer and gaze at the sunset over Pacific Coast Highway. My hair blows in the wind and the last of the day’s sun warms my face. My smile widens as I realize I am absolutely surrounded by abundance.

The boat’s plush carpet, Joe’s soothing words, the hugs and handshakes as we said our goodbyes all remind me of life’s richness. Donna and the sunset help too.

Other days it’s as subtle as the taste of fresh coffee or the sound of children playing for the summer. 

But abundance is here, always.

And it doesn’t need sourced or created. It just needs realized.

How might you recognize the richness of life?

If the day tickles your feet or a friend soothes your soul, will you notice?

Remember, life’s abundance is a gift. We simply need to receive it.

Immerse yourself and enjoy.

“Kill it for somebody”

Adam Cleveland stopped by Student of Intention to chat The Work Bucket last week. We discussed startups, Self-care, mentors, recovery and our contributions. I enjoyed the conversation and think you might too if you feel called to give it a listen.

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The strength of Self-care

I was taught at an early age to care for precious things:

Clean my room, put away my toys, make my bed and fold my clothes.

And I still do.

But for years I didn’t see myself as precious or something to be cared for… that felt wierd and selfish.

Now it feels necessary and smart.

Whether it’s making time for an afternoon nap, a slice of fresh fruit, a walk outside, some Morning Pages with Julia or a zen boat ride with some friends, it all makes us stronger.

It enables us to plug into life’s abundance, to give more to others, and enjoy the pursuit of purpose.

Treat yourself well this week.

The world wants you strong.

Until next time,

Don’t wait. Start small. Learn as you go.


Student of Intention
Student of Intention
One short story delivered every Tuesday to spark, strengthen, and support Self-discovery.