Student of Intention
Student of Intention
When all feels lost, do this.

When all feels lost, do this.

This is my final post on Student of Intention.

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I was failing Statistics.

During my sophomore year at Ohio State, skipping lectures, showing late to others, and barely opening the textbook proved costly.

When I went asking for the professor’s help, she stared at me in disgust.

“You should drop the class and re-take it next quarter.”

“But my tuition… I can’t afford to drop another class. Isn’t there something I can do?”

“You’ve missed too much. You don’t have the foundation for the more complex concepts.”

“What if I get 100% the rest of the way?”

“There are two tests left then the final. I don’t see you scoring well enough.”

“But what if I do? Isn’t there a chance?”

“If you score 100s, you’d pass with a C.”

From that moment forward, I glued myself to her.

I came early and sat in the front at every lecture. I showed at every office hour. She offered two extra credit projects and I completed both.

Heading into the final, I had scored perfect 100s on each midterm. All the studying had paid off.

Leaving her last office hour, a big smile wiped away her disgust.

“You’re ready,” she said.

The final came back 98.5%. I missed half a question where my work was right but I’d miscalculated some simple math.

“You were so close!” she wrote near the top in red ink.

Close enough to earn a B- for the quarter after applying the extra credit projects.

“It’s the best turnaround I’ve seen in a long time. Great work.”

“Thank you for sticking with me. It means a lot.”

That’s how turnarounds go. One minute we’re steeped in failure, the next we’re smiling with relief.

In life, we get confronted by fear, doubt, anxiety, and self-judgment millions of times over.

And each time, we choose to sit with those emotions or do something.

We dwell on the past or we choose to begin again.

It’s time I begin again.

Student of Intention goes away next week. Quotaless takes its place.

You can read more about it here.

Otherwise, you’ll get an email next Tuesday like always, but different.

I hope you continue to follow along, message me, and support my work.

But if it’s time you move on, that’s ok too.

No matter how bad or good things seem, nothing lasts.

We are always free to live the next moment as though it were new.

Because it is.

How will you live your next moment?

Will you choose to begin again?

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Student of Intention
Student of Intention
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