Student of Intention
Student of Intention
The book is ready

The book is ready

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Today’s intention is:

To share.

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Thank you for your friendship, support, and love.

The book is ready

I hand Taylor a printed copy of my first book, The 5 Buckets, A Framework for Living with Intention.

“Wow, I can’t believe it’s finished. It looks great!”

“Thanks man. I’m really happy how it turned out.”

“I bet. So, how does it feel?”

I pause. A year ago, I remember feeling down, beaten, and lost.

I didn’t know who I was... my actions didn’t match up with who I wanted to be.

For one, I always wanted to be a writer. But I never wrote anything.

“I feel grateful.” I respond.

I’m grateful for the framework and how it changed my life. It found me when I really needed it.

Now, I write every day.

“I feel curious too.” I say.

I’m curious to see how far I can go. What I'll write, experience, discover...

“Well, it’s not official until you sign it. I’ll grab a pen.” Taylor responds.

I flip open the cover and write a brief note.

The end reads:

Thank you for your friendship, support, and love. I hope this book helps you share more of it with others.

You have so much to give.

Pre-Order Now. Publish date 9.7.2021.

And that’s my other feeling. Hope.

I hope The 5 Buckets helps you, too.

Like Taylor, you have so much to give.

When practicing the framework, I have explored, succeeded, and stumbled. When I face an obstacle, I overcome it through action. When I find momentum, I nurture it through reflection. 

We can be creative and efficient, but above all else, we must begin.

I invite you to begin.

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Golf, the book, and living with intention

My friend Boris hosted a memorial golf tournament last week. Each year, he gathers 60 of us to play in tribute to his friend Taro who passed away years ago.

Approaching the 18th green, Boris hits a beautiful shot to put us in position to finish with a score of 61. By all measures, it’s an incredible round of golf.

Three of us miss the putt so the score rests on Boris’ shoulders.

He lines up, looks at the hole, and swings.

The ball rolls right to left then drips in about 15 feet from where he stands.

He grins. I cheer. We all head to the clubhouse to celebrate.

We talk about the different shots, misses, and close calls. Each of us smile ear to ear knowing we put together a special performance. It was truly our best.

And you know what?

We finished third. Two other teams beat us with scores of 57 and 60.

We performed at our highest level and it wasn’t good enough to win.

But we enjoyed every second of it. That’s what really matters.

It’s the biggest lesson I’ve learned writing The 5 Buckets and practicing the framework:

Do my best and be grateful for every moment. Enjoy the pursuit of purpose.

It’s the secret sauce to living with intention.

It doesn’t matter if I sell 100 books or 10,000,000 books.

I’ve changed how I approach every day and in turn, changed how I experience life, who I am, and how I feel.

I’ve found my Self.

And that is priceless.

Until next week,

Don’t wait. Start small. Learn as you go.


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Student of Intention
Student of Intention
One short story delivered every Tuesday to spark, strengthen, and support Self-discovery.