Student of Intention
Student of Intention
Make every day a ceremony

Make every day a ceremony

What I learned drinking tea with a new friend in Tulum.

One short story delivered every Tuesday to spark, strengthen, and support Self-discovery.

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Today’s intention is:

To feel.

Feel the nooks and the crannies, the chorus, even the commercials. Feel it in your bones and feel it in your toes.

Today, at least for a moment, feel every last drop of life.

Three cups, three opportunities

Birds gossip overhead while restaurant workers stack and clank dishes preparing for dinner on the other side of the brush. Smells of sandalwood and Palo Santo from burning Copal glide through the air and into my nose. Persian rugs line the sandy, jungle floor of The Nest, a quaint ceremonial space situated near the center of Nomadé hotel in Tulum, Mexico. Tracy and I sit cross-legged facing our hostess, Cami, as she boils water in a cast-iron tea kettle.

Cami invites us to enjoy a “Noble Silence” for the evening’s ceremony, suggesting we might better connect with the tea, our tranquil surroundings, and one another. She shares stories of working tea fields in Taiwan and her zest for curating meditation experiences anchored by serving tea to travelers, friends, and family. She asks us to each set an intention as she passes the small, clover-shaped cups now filled with hot, Oolong tea.

Cami instructs us to use our first cup as an opportunity for Self-discovery. My senses awaken as I gently inhale subtle notes of almond and oak. Sipping my cup, I feel conviction, strength, and sturdiness pouring down my throat and into my belly. The smooth, velvety liquid grounds me and I sit rooted to the moment.

Cup two offers us a space for Action. Inviting joy, gratitude, and perseverance into my life, I sip warm, toasty flavors of dried fruit. I keep my eyes closed and breath steady as Cami continues to guide us through a journey of sound, taste, and reflection.

With our final cup, she advises we create space for Attraction. While our actions seed the human experience we desire, it is the Universe that provides light, water, and soil to make our lives blossom. The tea’s floral notes dance on my tastebuds as my smile widens and Cami begins to wind things down.

Every day serves as a ceremony

Opening my eyes, I greet Tracy and Cami with a cheerful grin. We exchange numbers, a few thank-yous, and help tidy up The Nest before exiting.

As I walk back to our beachside bungalow, I think about the richness of the last hour. Minute by minute, I fell absolutely in love with life. Every sight, sound, taste, and smell felt like a gift. I used the time to take stock in what I desire, how I can contribute, and briefly connect to life’s abundance that at times seems so far out of reach.

While I enjoyed the experience, such a ceremony doesn’t require tropical surroundings and a conscious curator like Cami. Every moment of every day serves as an opportunity to experience the richness of life and decide how I can make it even more so.

You have your moments too. And you can choose to sip and savor each one or let them drip by unnoticed.

What actions plant the seeds of your human experience?

How might you savor life’s smells, tastes, and sounds?

Consider enjoying your own Noble Silence, sipping a cup of hot tea or simply indulging in a few deep breaths to better connect to your surroundings and your Self.


And until next time,

Don’t wait. Start small. Learn as you go.


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Student of Intention
Student of Intention
One short story delivered every Tuesday to spark, strengthen, and support Self-discovery.