Student of Intention
Student of Intention
In a rut? Me too.

In a rut? Me too.

Mom's call, suffering together, and enduring the storms of life.

One short story delivered every Tuesday to spark, strengthen, and support Self-discovery.

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Today’s intention is:

To rest.

Consider letting a few things go, today. The world will get along fine. Even if just for a moment, take some time to rest.

The storms of life

Last week’s email prompted a call from mom.

“I like this week’s message. But I don’t see you as a person needing to crawl out of a hole.” She says.

“Well, how do you see me, mom?”

“I see you as smart, happy, and successful. You’ve always been that way.”

“Hmm. Think I can be all those things and still find myself in a hole from time to time?”

Absolutely. But mom touches on something we all grapple. We think we’re the only ones suffering. We think the others have it all.

Holes, ruts, off days… regardless of how “successful” someone appears, he has his moments too.

When his skin crawls with anxiety or his head pounds with regret.

His emotions cover like a suffocating blanket.

His ego stings from harsh, judging words.

The negative self-talk loops seem to go on forever…

Been there? Yea, me too.

It sounds crazy but there’s magic in these moments. We can learn about ourselves, our surroundings, and our ability to endure. Like any other moment, there is plenty to observe.

View the picture absent fear, sadness, anger, and expectation. Who knows what you might find.

That hole I crawled out of a year ago catalyzed my journey of intention: writing a book, launching a podcast, and starting this weekly email.

And while I hardly want to return to that mental state, I’m grateful I can appreciate it.

The dark clouds above your head bring rain. You can choose to admire it through a window or let it drench your hair while you dance outside. You can choose to embrace it, enjoy it, or at least acknowledge it. You just don’t get to choose when it stops.

But understand it will pass. A sunny sky reveals itself eventually.

Maybe the pain is too great for learning this week. That’s ok too. If nothing else, find empathy for the rest of us. For we too, suffer through the storms of life.

No one has it all. Not even me, mom.

Until next week,

Don’t wait. Start small. Learn as you go.


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Student of Intention
Student of Intention
One short story delivered every Tuesday to spark, strengthen, and support Self-discovery.