Student of Intention
Student of Intention
Do you notice it?

Do you notice it?

A mistaken gesture leads to awareness and gratitude.

One short story delivered every Tuesday to spark, strengthen, and support Self-discovery.

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Today’s intention is:

To see.

See beauty in the sunrise and you’ll see opportunity in the day.

See joy in a smile and you’ll see kindness in the world.

See connection in yourself and you’ll see infinite potential in all that you do.

There is free lunch

The SoCal sun shines bright while the surf folds and fizzes just over Pacific Coast Highway. Tracy and I take in the Saturday scenery while Bernie rests beneath the table shade, paws crossed and head tilted.

Finishing my poke bowl, I watch a neighboring patron swat at a flying beetle. The sounds of summer fill my ears with small talk, kids playing, and lo-fi beats spitting from the restaurant speakers. I catch the smell of carne asada and grilled onions as a waiter passes. For a moment, I consider indulging in dessert but release the thought and return my attention to the beetle battle.

As Tracy signs the lunch bill, I thank the waiter, Luis, for his good service. Leaning down to unclip Bernie’s leash from the table, I hear Tracy ask a question,

“Does $27 sound like the full amount? I think he forgot to charge us for something.”

“Mmmmm no, it should be at least $50 with tax. Maybe he made a mistake?” I respond.

After a few minutes, Tracy flags Luis, and he returns tableside with a smile.

“I think you forgot to charge us for part of our meal. The bill seems low.” She urges.

“I didn’t forget. I felt like doing something nice.” Luis replies.

“Oh, you didn’t have to do that. Let me give you some cash for your kindness.”

“Please, please, no need. It is my pleasure. You two enjoy your afternoon.”

Luis walks away. Tracy smiles. I shrug and grin.

Awareness leads to gratitude

While Tracy tries on a dress inside a shop, I think about how easily Luis’ kind gesture could’ve gone unnoticed. As I tended to Bernie’s leash, Tracy could’ve missed the discounted bill distracted by any number of competing thoughts.

Would that have made the gesture any less magnificent?

I recall a few other miracles from the morning:

The cool breeze brushing my face to wake me up.

The first glimpse of sunshine driving up the coast.

The taste of hot coffee signaling the day’s start.

These special moments don’t require my attention. But my gratitude for them does.

Like you, I spend plenty of time waiting for good things to happen. And man, I hope I spot them when they do.

Because awareness leads to gratitude.

Magnificence, abundance, and kindness surround me.

It all surrounds you too.

Do you notice it?

This week, savor the sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and feels of life. They may be as subtle as a cool breeze cutting through the summer heat.

But that doesn’t make them any less magnificent.

Until next week,

Don’t wait. Start small. Learn as you go.


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Student of Intention
Student of Intention
One short story delivered every Tuesday to spark, strengthen, and support Self-discovery.