Dec 14, 2021 • 3M

Dislodge annoying “idea blockers” and have your biggest breakthrough of the week

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Bobby Dysart
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Today’s intention is:

To receive.

You put out plenty. What might you take in?

Looking at my MacBook screen,

I feverishly chew my bottom lip (a constant when tension blocks my creativity).

Staring and chewing…

Staring and chewing...

I’ve spent the last 68 minutes researching a new project, a self-mastery service for software sales professionals. Name, content, pricing, and launch ideas scatter my mind and laptop.

14 tabs glare back at me, each one representing minutes wasted and frustration gained. I’m not any clearer than when I started. I’m mentally stranded.

Staring and chewing…

Staring and chewing...

The laptop closes, the running shoes slide on, and I head for the front door.

Newport Beach’s boardwalk sits a half-mile away and marks the start of a three-mile jog to Balboa Pier. A strong afternoon breeze greets me as I trot down the coastline.

Breathing and stepping…

Breathing and stepping...

While Fleetwood Mac streams through my Airpods, the thoughts I meant to leave at the house battle for position like a wrestling match in my conscience. 

Breathing and stepping…

Breathing and stepping...

I force my attention toward the vast Pacific, choppy and rumbling. Then I peek up at the sun stretching across the cloudless sky. Kids play basketball on my right as I pass an elementary school on my left. A fellow jogger smiles and waves.

Breathing and stepping…

Breathing and stepping...

A grin spreads across my face. Crispy ocean air fills my nose. The wind gently nudges me forward.

“Damn, I’m lucky,” I think.

Then nearing the Balboa Pier turnaround, a little idea falls into my brain. The perfect gift of clarity just seizes me. I stop, pull my phone out, and type it into notes.

And like that, the tension and frustration from earlier are gone.

Creativity is not a thinking skill. It’s a receiving one.

I put myself in a position to receive.

And so can you.

Put the screen away. Head outside. Take in the immensity.

Breath and step…

Breath and step…

Damn, you’re lucky.

Aren’t you?


Don’t wait. Start small. Learn as you go.


PS - Are you a software sales professional?

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