Student of Intention
Student of Intention
Be so good they can't ignore you

Be so good they can't ignore you

A lesson I learned building houses in college.

One short story delivered every Tuesday to spark, strengthen, and support Self-discovery.

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Today’s intention is:

To practice.

Maybe you wake up late.

Maybe you don’t have it all figured out.

Maybe you’re even facing some real adversity.

Don’t sweat it. Take today’s opportunity to get a little bit better.

Focus on what you can offer the world (not what the world can offer you)

“No, use the scrap 2x12 instead. It conserves wood and leaves more surface area for drywall. Win-win.” Jeff says.

“Win-win” I say.

I framed houses during college to help pay tuition. At first, I mostly picked up trash, stocked lumber piles, and rolled out tools for the crew. The experienced carpenters handled the more complicated jobs. The foreman handled the most complicated.

Each month, carpenters pleaded for chances to build spiral staircases, balloon walls, and tray ceilings. A tray ceiling looks like a giant hexagon embedded above a fancy room.

The foreman always framed those.

One day, I decided to stack all the wood I knew Jeff (the foreman) would need for his ceiling.

Then I built scaffolding for him to easily work above ground. I cut all the angled pieces he’d need to make the intricate corners. I even beveled the edges just like he liked them.

Finally, I cleaned out the entire room once he finished. He said a job is never done until it’s all cleaned up.

Don’t love the fan but that tray ceiling is 🔥🔥🔥

I did this for a few months and several ceilings. Then one day, Jeff found himself in a pinch.

He needed to fix the south side of the roof. Someone had framed it backward. But it was also time to frame a tray ceiling in the sunroom. Neither could wait.

As all the experienced carpenters pleaded for the opportunity, Jeff glanced over at me.

“Bobby, take Johnson with you and frame that sunroom tray.”

“You got it.” I said.

Bending down to cut a 63-degree angle, I point Johnson to the bevel setting of the electric saw.

“Make sure you keep edges clean so they line up nice for drywall. That’s how Jeff likes them. I’ll show you how I do it then you can cut the rest for me. Win-win.” I say.

“Win-win” he says.

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Until next week,

Don’t wait. Start small. Learn as you go.


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Student of Intention
Student of Intention
One short story delivered every Tuesday to spark, strengthen, and support Self-discovery.