Student of Intention
Student of Intention
Achieving success and fulfillment (even when you don’t think it’s possible)

Achieving success and fulfillment (even when you don’t think it’s possible)

What a friend and high school wrestling taught me about goals

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Today’s intention is:

To follow.

Sometimes our dreams are too big. Follow an inspiring friend, instead.

“What’s NSC mean?” I say.

“Next State Champ” Bret says.

He had written NSC on athletic tape wrapped around his wrist. I also noticed it on his locker, shoes, and headgear.

“It reminds me every day what I’m working toward.”

Bret was a junior and I was a freshman. He shared this insight on my first day of high school wrestling practice.

A few days later, I wrapped my wrist in tape and wrote NSC on it. I added it to my locker, shoes, and headgear.

“I run every day before practice. If you want to be a state champion, you should too. Meet at 5 AM.” He says.

“Ok” I say.

I didn’t really think I could be a state champ. I weighed 108 pounds. I hadn’t wrestled a single varsity match. I’d get crushed by the older guys on our team. But I thought Bret was cool and wanted to follow him.

So I did.

We ran together every morning. We practiced together every afternoon. We reviewed film and lifted weights every evening.

We’d enter two divisions to wrestle double the amount of competition at tournaments and even run sprints after matches in the hallway behind the gymnasium,

“It’s what state champions do.” He’d say.

Bret graduated two years later. I kept writing NSC. Kept running and practicing the way he showed me. Kept doing sprints after my matches.

My senior year, I entered the state tournament ranked 5th. Before each match, my hands got really cold. It happens when I get nervous.

I wrestled well enough to place 2nd, points away from state champ. A week later, I was named an All-American, placing 7th at the national tournament. A month after that, I was offered a scholarship to wrestle at The University of North Carolina.

Never once did it cross my mind that I would reach such a level of success. I didn’t really know it was possible. I discovered it.

And so can you.

Follow a friend…

Remind yourself what you’re working toward…

Do what you can each day…

And see what happens.

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Don’t wait. Start small. Learn as you go.


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Student of Intention
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